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1st January 2020

Optimising Payroll and HR Teams

Payroll and HR teams are tasked with managing different functions within the company, but utlising the same data to handle employee details and payroll. When two teams are using the same data but not using the same system, manual entry and error rates can be problematic. How can you manage employee data, reduce redundancies and errors, and effectively utilise technology at the same time?

Payroll and HR technology have advanced over the last several years to automate many manual processes. As the advances continue, there is still a disconnect between teams that cause duplicative efforts, manual entry, and potential for compliance mistakes. Using integrated technology to bridge the gap is just the beginning – the key is to optimise the technology you have in place to reduce manual and data entry.

Using payroll and HR technology with an employee self-service portal is the first step. Allowing employees to update personal details, bank information, and any status changes ensures that employees are empowered to take control of their information and verify that it is correct before submitting to payroll or HR. Employee self-service can take hours of manual entry off the plate of your payroll or HR team, and the data flows to both teams in real-time to ensure compliance. Utilising self-service for employees helps mitigate risk for the company as well, as fines for non-compliance can be difficult to avoid if data integrity issues persist.

Getting payroll and HR technology integrated helps both payroll and HR with employee data security, payslip and HMRC filing accuracy, as well as allowing HR teams to manage employee appraisals, benefits, and more. Payescape has created payroll and HR technology to easily manage employee details, provide a self-service portal for employees to manage changes, and provides custom reporting each month. Your payroll and HR teams can easily spot errors, manage workflow trends, ensure compliance, and handle appraisals without using manual spreadsheets.

Learn how integrated payroll and HR technology can save time, resources, and compliance headaches for your company. Click here to learn more

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