Data Security and Payroll

By 02/09/2018 Payroll

This year had many changes to data security and privacy laws with the new GDPR regulations implemented in May. Many companies focused on upgrading systems and policies to protect customer data, but what about employee data? Some of the most personal information is retained by companies to manage employee payroll, yet some procedures may still leave employee data vulnerable to data security breaches.

Using manual processes and email to manage payroll creates a security threat for your employee data. Email systems are regularly targeted in hacking attempts, and information shared via email can be accessed and used inappropriately. Payroll data is passed between the company and the payroll provider, and email has been the most common form of communicating that information.

Companies must look for payroll solutions that use secure portals to transfer information, allow employees to access personal data and make changes in a password-protected self-service portal, and use GDPR-approved methods of managing and sharing personal data. Companies must have systems in place to protect against security breaches, and ensure email communications are not being used to process payroll or share data.

If your company is still using email and manual processes to manage payroll, now is the time to make a change. Cloud-based payroll technology allows you to access your payroll data from any device, secure portals for employees to view payslips and change personal details, and integration capabilities for your HR admin and time management solutions. To learn more, or see a quick demo, click here


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