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Take the hassle out of your business payroll and opt for a fully managed payroll service with PayEscape. We not only provide excellent payroll services but we provide full management in-house. At PayEscape we automate payroll processing, electronic tax filing, online employee self-service portals, and comprehensive reporting capabilities. It not only saves time but it saves the hassle of handling the legality and ensuring your employees are happy and getting paid on time.

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What is a fully managed payroll service?

A fully managed payroll service refers to outsourcing the entire payroll process to a third-party service provider, us. These services handle all aspects of payroll administration, including the following:

  • Calculating employee wages,

  • Withholding taxes,

  • Making direct deposits,

  • Issuing paychecks,

  • Managing payroll compliance with government regulations.

By outsourcing payroll to a fully managed service provider like PayEscape you can benefit from expertise in payroll regulations and tax laws, reduce the risk of errors and compliance issues, and improve overall efficiency in managing payroll functions. See the main reasons to outsource managed payroll below.

Improve efficiency: Eliminate the manual tasks, multiple spreadsheets and heavy data management involved with in-house payroll processing.

Cloud-based software: PayEscape software gives you control and access your data, anytime, anywhere and on any device.

HMRC Recognition and BACS Approved: Your guarantee of compliance and peace of mind.

Flexible contract: We offer monthly rolling contracts with no long-term commitment required.

Benefits to third party managed payroll

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Legal requirements

Filing payroll taxes carries its own unique set of rules and regulations from HMRC. It’s vitally important to stay compliant. By Choosing PayEscape to be your payroll provider you can rest at ease that the legal requirements are handled efficiently and on time so your business will not deal with a lump sum fine.

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Employee retention

When employees have issues with getting paid on time, or they have to question the amount they may look elsewhere. By investing in fully managed payroll for your business you can take the stress of employee retention away knowing that your team will be paid correctly and on time each month.

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Pay Calculations

Pay Calculation for managed payroll involves several key processes. It requires updating information for new hires and terminations, ensuring all staff movements and variable payments are accounted for in each pay period. By choosing a fully managed payroll system you can save time and money and leave the pay calculations to the experts.

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Payroll Tax Payments and Filings

Each pay period requires RTI Electronic submission to HMRC, meeting regulatory standards. This process encompasses managing PAYE and RTI submissions, including payments if necessary, along with withholding tax, National Insurance, and other statutory obligations based on received data. Reduce the risk of errors, compliance issues and save time by choosing PayEscape.

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Payslip and P45 Options

At PayEscape, we offer comprehensive Payslip and P45 Options as part of our fully managed payroll services. Through our user-friendly PayEscape portal, employees can conveniently access their payslips online via the Employee Self-Service (ESS) feature. Additionally, when employees leave the company, we issue P45 forms promptly and make them available through the PayEscape portal's ESS functionality.

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Pension Management

We ensure your pension schemes are set up within the payroll system. Conducting pension calculations to determine contributions and benefits, generating pension reports alongside regular financial reports for comprehensive tracking. Additionally, clients are required to inform PayEscape of Opt-in and Opt-out notifications for pension schemes.

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Management of Company Auto Enrollment Pension

Enrollment files are produced to seamlessly upload new employees onto the pension provider portal, while contribution files are prepared to fulfill the pension period requirements. If necessary, enrollment letters are distributed to employees. Upon payroll approval, clients receive letters for distribution and contributions are uploaded as needed, with PayEscape overseeing access to the pension account and managing enrollment and contributions uploads per pay period

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Funding Options

The funding options for payroll include direct payment by the client to employees and HMRC, facilitated through BACS Payment Services, ensuring prompt payment from the client's UK bank account to the intended recipients. This covers disbursing net pay to individual staff members, as well as any necessary payments to HMRC and pension contributions. Funds are transferred by the client for subsequent distribution, covering employee net pay, HMRC payments, and pension contributions as required. We can also provide use of our UK client bank account meaning we can significantly reduce bank transaction times for your business.

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PayEscape ensures comprehensive reporting, offering a range of standard reports for each pay cycle. These include Payslip Summary, Pension Summary, Pay Component Breakdown, Pay Method per Employee, and the crucial P32 for HMRC liability tracking. Additionally, we provide PayEscape standard reports for streamlined processing. For annual requirements, we offer P11d completion for Benefit in Kind reporting, with an optional additional fee.

Choose PayEscape Payroll Management Software For Your Business

Many businesses decide to process payroll manually on their own when first starting out. While this doesn’t incur third-party costs, it can be difficult as your business must keep track of many different types of employment records when you start paying employees. These records include income tax withholding, Social Security tax and federal unemployment tax.

When you have more than a few employees, the payroll process becomes very difficult to manage on your own. We recommend using fully managed payroll software if you are processing payroll for anyone other than yourself. Find more about our fully managed payroll services by talking to an expert today. Speak with team members today on 028 2764 1060 or book a free demo.

What's included in our payroll services?

Payroll at PayEscape

PayEscape created web-based technology that manages payroll and has the ability to be integrated with HR and time management systems. PayEscape technology lets you maintain control of your data, get real-time access to your payroll costs, and gives you customised reporting each month. Personal employee data, payroll and tax information, payslips, and HMRC filing is also managed through our secure technology.

Here at PayEscape we make sure we are transparent with the services we offer to our clients, below you can see the Payroll processing, reporting and support we provide for a smooth and client-happy journey. Please get in touch here to find out more information with our outsourcing services.

Payroll Processing

Payroll processing in line with agreed timetable

BACS transmissions for employees’ net pay and HMRC payments

Set up of new staff and P45s for those leaving

Year-end administration services including P60 processing

Deductions and calculations management

Pension management

Guaranteed on time and accurate processing

Payroll process validation and monitoring

Complete payroll related tax service including automated tax filing with the HMRC

Enrolling Staff to our software 

Access and reporting

Cloud-based PayEscape payroll software

Custom report building

Access 24/7/365 from anyway and any device

Real time payroll preview

General ledger/finance system cost allocation reports integration with your accounting software

Third-party BACS payment reports (unions/AEOs/Pensions etc.)

Employee self-service: Update personal details and view online pay slips


Integration into other Accounting, Time, and HR software

Platform training

World Class Customer service

Legislative updates

Advice and guidance on payroll related queries including HMRC legislation

Full implementation service

PayEscape Software only option available upon request: info@payescape.com

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First Run

Your Account Manager will work with you to execute your first live run and ensure accuracy.


Once you are happy with your setup, we will introduce you to your HR management team who will be on hand to provide support if needed.

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What our customers are saying

We are proud of our 98% retention rate and the hundreds of satisfied customers that we support. Don’t just take our word for it, find out what our customers are saying about us.

“Would highly recommend this company to anyone needing a Payroll company.”

“Payescape really have made our UK payroll processing easy.”

“I have no hesitation in recommending them as a company.”

“PayEscape has made payroll processing hassle free”

“PayEscape always provides us with a faultless service”

“PayEscape has made payroll processing so simple we actually look forward to running our payroll”

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