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Why invest in a Time
and Attendance solution?

Employees are a vital and often the most expensive resource for most businesses. Tracking and understanding trends in employee’s time and attendance is key to improving productivity and efficiency.

Manual processes and heavy administration dramatically increase the frequency of errors. Over a short period of time these errors could be costing your business hundreds if not thousands of pounds in underutilised or lost hours. Keeping track of your employee’s time and best use of your human resources only continues in difficulty as your business grows.

Our cloud-based time and attendance software automates your processes and significantly reduces the admin and associated errors. Manage everything from rota planning, labour distribution, employee in and out times and much more. Coupled with powerful reporting tools our software greatly enhances your management analysis while minimising overpayments.

Benefits of Time
and Attendance

Reduce admin: Eliminate the manual tasks, multiple spreadsheets and heavy data management involved with in-house time and attendance management.

Achieve compliance: Ensure the accuracy of your employees’ records for shift constraints for required skills or maximum hour constraints.

Reduce cost: Employees are paid accurately for hours worked, no calculation errors and excessive overtime hours are reduced.

Prevent time fraud/abuse: Remove manual processes for time sheets and overtime that can be open to abuse, fraud, or mistakes.

Improve data security: Sensitive data processed and stored within secure data centres in line with GDPR best practices.

Accurate reporting: Cloud-based software provides real-time customisable reporting, giving you insights in to trends and head off potential issues before they occur.

Time and Attendance

Accurately manage Time and Attendance with our software powered by UKG which includes the latest technology and tools to keep your employee time and attendance management streamlined and simple. Coupled with powerful reporting tools it greatly enhances your management analysis while minimising overpayments and compliance risk.

Time and Attendance Hardware

Support your time and attendance management with leading hardware. Utilising the latest data capture and biometric technology we can provide a variety of data capture options from PC, mobile, facial recognition, mag-card swipe and many more.

See how much your
business could save

Automated scheduling allocates the right employees, to the right job, at the right time for the right price. For each £1 you invest in time management software automation, you could see over a £7.00 return.

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