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Time & Attendance

Our Time and Attendance software and hardware includes the latest technology
and tools to keep your employee time and attendance streamlined and simple.

  • Employees can request holidays onlineQuickly and easily manage employee’s holidays, leave and sickness requests for hourly and non-exempt employees. Access on-line anytime and anywhere.
  • Manage Employees in/out timesManage employee clock in and clock out times with the latest in secure, cloud-based software and hardware. Decrease required time, data and payroll processing resources by as much as 80%.
  • Empowers employees with technologyProvide employees with self-service portal and mobile time management with the mobile time app for Apple and Android.
  • Reduce administrative time on Data EntrySome companies reported a drop of 40 hours/week in admin duties by simplifying data entry tasks and database integration.
  • Manage labour distributionUsing Scheduling, managers can select or automatically schedule the right employees, to the right job, at the right time for the right price. For each £1 you invest in time management software automation, you could see over a £7.00 return.
  • Stop payroll errorsReduce payroll error rates to as little as 1% by managing holidays, leave requests, schedules and more – all from the web.
  • Latest Data Capture TechnolgyChoose your method of data capture from mobile phones, PC’s, facial recognition, biometric, mag-card swipe, or proximity clocks. Having the right hardware will improve your workforce’s efficiency, save you time, and reduce overall labour costs.
  • More IntegrationComplete data integration into your payroll solution. No more data entry or costly manual errors.

All this coupled with powerful reporting tools, greatly enhances your management analysis while minimising overpayments and compliance risk.

Your organisation can now focus on hitting goals rather than focusing on time consuming administration and technology management.

We also offer hardware to keep your business running efficiently. From mobile phones to time clocks, we have everything you need in one place to track your time and attendance - click here for our latest hardware solutions.

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We estimate your company will lose:


If an employee knows that their attendance is being monitored, overall attendance will generally improve. In some cases it is possible that an employee might be overpaid by up to 30 minutes per day due to lateness, early leaving, long lunch breaks etc. A Time and Attendance system will help reduce any overpayments. For salaried employees, a saving will be seen because employees will be working longer for the same overhead. For this calculation, we assume a conservative 1 percent increase in attendance (3 minutes on an 8 hour day).


With a manual system, there is a potential for human error at each stage of the process. Companies using a manual system are likely to be experiencing an error rate between 1 and 5%. Conservatively, using a Time and Attendance system, this figure can be reduced to 0.5 percent.


On average, it is estimated managers take up to 7 minutes to manually calculate and edit each time sheet, and an extra 2 minutes to manually enter data from each time sheet into the payroll application. We can assume a conservative, 3 minutes per time sheet for the calculation and data entry process.


Learn more about our Time and Attendance Hardware Click Here


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