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23 July 2020

On a scale of 1 to 10, how well is your payroll process running each month? If the answer is anything less than 10, there are many simple improvements you can make to ensure payroll is easy to manage, compliant with regulations, and on-time for your employees. Resources are often a problem when it
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16 July 2020

Payroll teams are facing challenges each day as new payroll and compliance regulations are introduced by HMRC to help companies cope with economic hardship due to COVID-19. As furlough rules change next month, payroll will only get more difficult to manage. Keeping your payroll team informed and ens
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9 July 2020

Companies in every industry have faced unprecedented business disruption over the last several months. Getting employees back to work, or continuing remote working is dependent on the type of business and interactions needed with customers. Payroll is one function of the business that has to continu
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2 July 2020

Accountants often find themselves in a tough situation – clients want you to take on their payroll, but they don’t want to pay for the service. How do you manage payroll without getting paid for your time and services? Accountants usually take on client payroll along with all accounting
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25 June 2020

Business recovery is going to take some time, but companies are starting to prepare for regular operations to get back up and running. With employees returning to the office and remote work continuing, business operations may not look like they did before the pandemic began. Optimising your technolo
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18 June 2020

Payroll expert Nick Day from JGA Recruitment Group recently interviewed Payescape co-founder Steve Sarowitz for a new payroll podcast. They discussed the evolving payroll industry, Steve's career and philanthropy efforts, and how payroll and technology have changed over the years. Learn more abo
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11 June 2020

Managing payroll can be challenging, but with the right payroll software you can simplify daily operations, ensure compliance, and reduce resources needed to manage employee payroll. If your payroll services are falling short, it could be you are missing some key features that could save you time an
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5 June 2020

PayRun.io was recently acquired by Payescape. Stuart Hall from PayRun.io recently spoke with PYMNTS.com regarding the future of API solutions and payroll.  Centuries-old banks have been operating on decades-old infrastructure, leaving many traditional financial institutions (FIs) to stand
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4 June 2020

As the economy continues to change due to the ongoing impacts of coronavirus, companies have to look at every expense to ensure they are maximising budgets across the organisation. One line on every budget that should be examined is payroll. Payroll is one of the largest expenses in any company but
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3 June 2020

Payescape is excited to announce our new partnership with Xledger, a leading provider of cloud-based finance and accounting software. Xledger helps companies manage core accounting functions, budget and forecasting, reporting and analytics, and much more. Xledger ensures your finance and accounting
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28 May 2020

If you have a business with less than 250 employees, your company is eligible for a rebate for coronavirus statutory sick pay (SSP) that has been paid to employees during the current crisis. The rebate program is being run by HMRC and does not require certification from doctors in order to claim com
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21 May 2020

Since the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme was announced in March, more than 7 million workers have begun using it to replace income lost due to businesses shutting down due to the crisis. Beginning in August, there will be a change to the scheme to allow workers to return to their jobs on a part-ti
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