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28 May 2020

If you have a business with less than 250 employees, your company is eligible for a rebate for coronavirus statutory sick pay (SSP) that has been paid to employees during the current crisis. The rebate program is being run by HMRC and does not require certification from doctors in order to claim com
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21 May 2020

Since the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme was announced in March, more than 7 million workers have begun using it to replace income lost due to businesses shutting down due to the crisis. Beginning in August, there will be a change to the scheme to allow workers to return to their jobs on a part-ti
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15 May 2020

Payescape is happy to announce a new partnership with Natural HR, a provider of online HR software services. We look forward to our partnership with Natural HR to provide our clients with real-time integration services to organise your payroll and HR admin. To learn more about Natural HR, visit: ht
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13 May 2020

Payescape, one of the UK’s fastest growing payroll providers, has added a powerful API payroll engine, PayRun.io to their business. During these difficult times, when many companies are under pressure to cut back, Payescape have taken steps to keep moving forward. Managing Director John Borlan
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7 May 2020

Payroll teams report to HMRC in real time every pay period.  However, for the last pay period of the tax year, payroll teams have additional deadlines to meet. Here are some critical dates to be aware of for 2020 payroll reporting: End of Year On the last pay period of tax year, a Final full
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30 April 2020

Everyone is working remotely, daily business operations look nothing like they used to, and companies are adjusting to a new “normal”. But what happens to administrative functions like payroll and HR when the company is suddenly a remote workforce? How do you manage payroll changes,
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23 April 2020

The UK government is helping companies pay furloughed employees due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Now UK employers can designate employees as “furloughed workers” and gain access to support from the government to pay part of employee salaries. Employers of all sizes are eligible
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21 April 2020

There is doubt, panic, and fear across companies right now. Uncertainty for the future, delays to new projects, and hesitation to move the business forward. How can you help your team use this time to be productive? While companies are suddenly working remotely, trying to manage daily operations, a
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16 April 2020

Companies are facing unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19 crisis, due to moving operations offsite, employees working from home, and ensuring business continuity. One key aspect of moving operations to remote locations is technology. If your business platforms were built for the office and n
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9 April 2020

Everyone is working from home due to the COVID-19 crisis and adjusting to a new daily routine. As you try to maintain business operations, how do you keep a positive company morale, and stay connected as a team? Here are some best practices for working from home and preserving your team connection w
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8 April 2020

Payescape is excited to announce a new partnership with Emolument, one of the largest providers of globally sourced compensation data. Emolument helps companies make informed decisions and stay competitive with real-time compensation data, and a variety of customised services to identify benchmarks,
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2 April 2020

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, businesses have had to close offices and provide remote working solutions for employees. With daily operations disrupted, it is critical to maintain business as usual in the most unusual circumstances. Making sure your payroll and HR admin are in compliance is vit
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