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  • New Health and Social Care Levy

    7 October 2021 The UK government announced a new Health and Social Care levy that will increase National Insurance contributions paid by most workers in the UK. The new levy is set to begin in the tax year beginning April 2023, but the increase to National Insurance contributions will begin in April 2022. This ne...
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  • Integration and Operations

    30 September 2021 Payroll, Human Resources, and Time keeping are workforce management tools that are vital to company operations. So why don’t most companies have integrated systems to manage all of their employee data? Payroll and HR use the same employee data, while time and absence management is a key to acc...
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  • What to look for in a Payroll Software

    23 September 2021 As payroll teams have to navigate new regulations and statutory requirements, payroll software is more important than ever to keep payroll compliant. If your software isn’t keeping up with your business, or if you’re using spreadsheets and manual processes to manage your payroll, it&rsqu...
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  • Payescape's new integration partner: Hibob

    20 September 2021 Payescape is excited to announce our new integration partnership with Hibob HR, one of the fastest growing HRIS solutions on the market. This partnership will further enhance our integrations portfolio and provide additional flexibility for Payescape’s current and future clients. As Payescape...
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  • Simplify Payroll for your Organisation

    16 September 2021 Managing operations and payroll in any organisation is challenging. When your systems or your processes are not automated, it can create new challenges for your team. Using manual processes for payroll is one of the biggest mistakes companies make when managing payroll. The less automated your payro...
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  • Is a 4-day Work Week Coming Soon?

    9 September 2021 Scotland is beginning a trial of a 4-day work week – without any loss of pay. The idea is to improve employee well-being and increase productivity by giving employees extra time off. Other countries have seen success with similar programs including Iceland and New Zealand. So is a 4-day work w...
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  • How to Refine your Payroll Process

    2 September 2021 If your payroll process has a few challenges, how do you make time to correct problems, detect weaknesses, and identify what might be missing? Start by creating a list of “must-have” and “would-be-nice” features that you’re looking for in a payroll technology. Here are ...
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  • Furlough Ends in September – is your payroll ready?

    26 August 2021 The last 18 months have been more than challenging for companies to navigate. The furlough scheme provided much-needed relief for employers who had to shut down operations or reduce staff, but as the months went on, the scheme became more complicated. New changes to the scheme each month created err...
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  • How to Stay Ahead of New Payroll Regulations

    19 August 2021 As employers continue to manage furlough changes and the upcoming expiration of the furlough scheme, payroll administration will continue to be challenging in the coming months. How can your payroll team stay ahead of new regulations and ensure compliance for your payroll process? With more employe...
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  • How to Simplify Payroll Operations

    12 August 2021 No matter the size of the company, payroll operations is a vital component to running a business. But with compliance and regulatory changes each year, ongoing furlough requirements, and employee administration, payroll keeps getting more complicated. How can you simplify payroll operations for your...
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