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29 October 2020

As the furlough scheme is ending 1 November, the UK government has been working on a new job support scheme to replace wages and help businesses survive the ongoing economic hardships brought on by the pandemic. New changes to the Job Support Scheme were just announced, with the government set to r
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21 October 2020

This article written by Stuart Hall MCIPPdip MA PGMdip, of Payescape Limited, published in the CIPP October issue of Professional in Payroll, Pensions and Reward Magazine  What are you like when you receive a new gadget? Are you the type who opens the box and dives straight in looking for the
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15 October 2020

The EU announced they are beginning legal action against the UK for legislation Boris Johnson recently created. This new legislation overrides the Northern Ireland protocol set forth in the Brexit negotiations. The Northern Ireland protocol eliminated the border checks between Northern Ireland and I
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8 October 2020

As the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme ends 31 October, the UK government has announced a new Job Support Scheme. This new measure is for employees who are currently employed, but due to COVID-19 are working less hours than normal. Employees must have a UK bank account and be part of an employer P
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1 October 2020

Payescape is excited to announce we have moved to a new office location in the historic town centre of Ballymoney. The First Minister of Northern Ireland, Arlene Foster, was on site for the ribbon cutting ceremony to open the new office, located on Church Street in Ballymoney. The previous off
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24 September 2020

As job losses continue to rise, questions are being asked if the UK government will create a new scheme to help businesses recover from the COVID-19 crisis. Some key economists and labor unions are asking the UK government to identify how to help employers after the 31 October expiration of the Coro
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17 September 2020

Employers have been trying to adapt to evolving payroll regulations over the last several months. Making changes to the payroll process each month have led to manual errors as payroll teams and organisations struggle to keep up. HMRC has recently revealed that there have been fraudulent furlough pa
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10 September 2020

Updated: Over the last several months, companies faced unprecedented challenges including moving operations offsite, employees working from home, and ensuring business continuity. Technology has provided companies opportunities to remain in contact, video conference, and maintain business operation
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4 September 2020

Updated: As payroll teams continue to manage new furlough changes and deadlines, there are many critical dates for regular payroll reporting that must be met each year. As of 1 September, the government will pay employees 70% of their wages, so employers must pay employees the remaining 10% up to a
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2 September 2020

Updated: Payroll continues to increase in complexity - especially with furlough changes each month. Are your clients asking for new payroll services? Is it taking too much time to manage your client payroll? There is an easy way to take on more payroll while simplifying the process. Payescape has
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27 August 2020

Many measures were introduced to help employers navigate the coronavirus crisis. One of the key plans implemented was the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. In March, the UK government began paying employees 80% of their wages to help employers furlough their employees instead of firing them. As the
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20 August 2020

Updated: Managing payroll is more challenging than ever - especially with new HMRC regulations and payroll requirements. With the right payroll software you can simplify daily operations, ensure compliance, and reduce resources needed to manage employee payroll. If your payroll services are fallin
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