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5 December 2019

Human Resources is a vital function for every organisation, but each year as the workforce landscape changes, HR needs to evolve. In order to meet the needs of employees, leadership, and the company bottom line, HR must move into a more strategic role to stay relevant, provide current and future opp
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28 November 2019

The role of Accountants is changing each year. Clients are looking for more robust services beyond bookkeeping, and want their Accountant to manage financial and tax planning, business recommendations, and more. Accountants must use technology to better serve their clients and scale their practice.
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21 November 2019

As Brexit continues to be unresolved, and new regulations are going into effect in 2020, it is important to ensure compliance with your current payroll process and make sure you are ready for new changes that will affect payroll. IR35 Rules As the new regulations for IR35 continue to cause confusio
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14 November 2019

Every company is concerned with payroll compliance, but when teams are busy managing day to day operations, it can be challenging to stop and think about making improvements to the compliance process. Evaluating your payroll process can be a key factor to identifying issues that can cause problems o
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7 November 2019

As companies begin to evaluate new technology solutions for 2020, one important aspect to consider is integration capabilities. If you are adding new technology to help improve processes or correct existing challenges, your new system should integrate into current company systems to avoid redundant
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31 October 2019

As companies begin making plans for 2020, it is a great time to review current operations and what can be improved. Are there old processes not working or creating more work to correct errors? Are teams spending too much time managing employee data and not enough time on new initiatives? Now is the
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24 October 2019

31 October is almost here, but Brexit is anything but finished. The Prime Minister has been unable to secure support for his Brexit plans, and now seeks to hold an early general election on 12 December if the EU Commission delays Brexit until 31 January. Boris Johnson needs the support of 2/3 of th
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17 October 2019

As you begin preparations for year-end reporting for your clients, one key topic to discuss is planning for 2020. Your clients need guidance on their business and financial needs, but they most likely need help with payroll management as well. If you are already managing their payroll, or they would
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10 October 2019

Payroll technology and artificial intelligence have both advanced over the last several years, and as AI technology continues to improve, companies are looking for ways to connect new technology with their existing software. The question is, how can payroll and AI work together to simplify daily ope
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7 October 2019

Payescape is happy to announce the appointment of Paul Roberts as Business Development Manager. Paul brings with him more than 20 years of experience in the payroll and software industries, and has seen many changes in technology development. Most recently, his experience with Moorepay has provided
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3 October 2019

As Q4 begins, now is the time to review the first 3 quarters of the year and identify results, progression of plans, and future targets. Have you met your customer acquisition and growth goals? Do you need more revenue generation or market share? What is working and what needs to change going into n
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26 September 2019

Accountants have a complex and challenging role to meet client needs. They have many arduous and time-consuming aspects of daily accounting work that is critical for their clients and provides a vital service. So how can Accountants move from working on compliance and general accounting work to more
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