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Improve HR Operations for 2019

16 August 2018

Now that summer is winding down, it’s time to start planning for next year. What is running smoothly in your organisation and what is not working for you? Now is a perfect opportunity to make changes and improvements for the coming year. If your company has been struggling to keep up with GDPR changes, payroll compliance, or HR administration, here are some easy ways to improve your operations for 2019. Human Resources: If your team spending too much time on manual data entry, correctin
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Why Outsource Payroll?

9 August 2018

Many companies begin with a small team and manage all aspects of the business “in-house”. As the team grows, the demands of payroll and HR administration can often be too much for one employee to handle. If employees are spending too much time managing payroll or HR and not focused on strategic company initiatives, business growth can suffer. Compliance also becomes an issue, with ever-changing regulations and tax requirements. If your payroll and HR administration is getting overwhe
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Payescape Announces Appointment of Christopher Buck

8 August 2018

Payescape is excited to announce the appointment of Christopher Buck as Business Development Manager. With more than 12 years of sales experience, Christopher has extensive account management, business development and loss assessor knowledge, and looks forward to helping clients simplify their payroll and HR admininstration at Payescape. Payescape has been growing tremendously this year, and was recently named the best all-around payroll provider in the UK. Christopher has worked in all aspects
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Payescape Announces Appointment of Steven Jones

8 August 2018

Payescape is delighted to announce the appointment of Steven Jones as Business Development Manager. Steven brings with him a wealth of experience in the UK and USA, SME, Mid-market and accountant space. For the last 8 years Steven has specialised in next generation technology. We asked Steven how he felt about joining Payescape. “It’s a very exciting time in the UK for Payroll and HR. Payescape is one of the fastest growing SAAS-based Payroll Outsource company in the UK market, and
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Payroll and Artificial Intelligence - Trends and Potential

2 August 2018

Payroll is a core function in every business, and one of the largest expenses, yet for many companies remains a manual process. Between human error and increasing compliance regulations, payroll is becoming more of a liability than ever before. Conversely, the use of artificial intelligence has been steadily growing each year, with billions being invested in new technologies and services. So how can AI and payroll work together? Many of the innovations we use in our daily lives to help manage c
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Don't Sign that Payroll Contract!

26 July 2018

Contracts are a necessary part of life, but if you’ve ever read the fine print, you know that a contract is there to protect the company requesting it, not the customer signing it. Contracts are designed to mitigate risk for a company providing goods or services, and are often difficult to break. Payroll contracts can often be complex, with clauses and termination policies that benefit the payroll company and not the customer using the payroll services. If your payroll company was any goo
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What Does Good Customer Service Look Like?

19 July 2018

We’ve all had a bad experience with Customer Service at one point in time. Whether it was a request denied, a problem that could not be resolved, or a less-than-friendly interaction, the result was one unhappy customer. While one unhappy customer may not seem significant, that person is more likely to share the bad experience with friends, and with social media platforms it can quickly spread to millions of people. How do you make customer service a key differentiator for your business? I
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Make Human Resources a Priority This Year

12 July 2018

Human Resources is one of the most important functions in a company. Attracting top talent, developing teams, engaging employees, and creating a positive culture are the many you’re your Human Resources team affects the company bottom line. Too often, Human Resources is a “behind the scenes” function in the company, instead of an important focus. How do you make your Human Resources a priority this year? Without a collaboration with the Human Resources team, your company produ
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Protect Your Pension Scheme from Fraud

5 July 2018

The Pensions Regulator has concluded a fraud investigation related to the pension scheme of more than 280 members and the trustee of that scheme. The trustee was suspended after it was determined that he transferred the pensions into a new scheme and then provided the members with as much as 75% of their funds as loans. This fraudulent practice is called pension liberation, and is criminal. Other trustees were also found to have participated in this fraud and were convicted of dishonesty offence
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How to Easily Manage HR Compliance

28 June 2018

Human Resources compliance gets more complicated each year. With new employee protection laws and GDPR regulations, managing your employee data is as important today as protecting your customer data. From recruiting and on-boarding, to payroll and performance management, there is so much data collected from your employees that needs to be protected. How can HR keep track and maintain all of this data? Using a comprehensive HR technology allows your HR team to capture, store, manage, and protec
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Pitfalls of Hiring New Employees

21 June 2018

Your business is expanding and you’re ready to hire new employees – sounds great! Many small companies begin hiring employees before they fully understand the laws and regulations for employment, and that can cause headaches (and fines) down the road. Before you begin hiring employees, here are some common pitfalls to avoid: Failing to provide a written statement of employment: all employees in the UK must be presented with a written statement of employment within the first 2 mon
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Common Payroll Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

14 June 2018

While most companies strive to ensure their employees get paid on time, mistakes often happen. If you have ongoing payroll errors that don’t get corrected, you could have a major liability on your hands. Payroll errors often occur when the employees responsible for payroll make mistakes, or if time and attendance tracking is not accurate. Another potential problem is if the team responsible for payroll is not updated on the latest laws and regulations related to payroll. A mistake here or
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