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Building partnerships for the future

We believe that the right partnerships can add real value to any business. Our focus has always been to work with partners who are as passionate about their business and customers as we are about ours. Our base of UK and EU partners have been carefully selected to enhance and complement Payescape’s services in order to provide the best possible solutions for our customers.

We have three main partnership policies, business growth, enhancement and strategy. Find out more below about becoming a partner with PayEscape.


Our Partnerships

View our partnership directory or get in touch on 028 2764 1060 today.



PayEscape is one of the fastest growing payroll and HR providers in the UK. We are constantly open to grow and expand our partnerships. Get in touch to work together to get featured on our business directory.



We aim to be as strategic as possible when investing in partnerships. We work with leading strategic brands such as UKG, Office 365 and many more to ensure our payroll and HR software is up to date with the most recent algorithms and sector trends. To be a part of our network a solution API signature is required. Get in touch to find out more.



We want to partner with you so we can connect our payroll system with your systems to build a solid foundation, helping businesses help other businesses. Payescape has partnered with many widely recognised HR, Time Management and accounting providers to ensure that our solutions integrate seamlessly with our customers’ existing solutions. We want to increase our software quality, value and enhance our payroll and HR tools to be the best on the market.

What our partners are saying

“Our partnership with PayEscape will broaden the reach of UKG Ready – via the brand name TimEscape – to organisations in the U.K.”


“No more heavy payroll systems with light HR but a smooth robust experience from hiring, to payroll to offboarding all in one integration.”

“PayEscape has the exact same vision and passion but for Payroll. A perfect combination to help accountants take their practice to the next level.”

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Using our cloud-based software we manage all aspects of your payroll process. From calculating your payroll taxes and filing with HMRC to managing all components of auto enrolment and so much more. Whether it’s reimbursement or pre-tax benefits we’ve got it covered.

Our HR platform lets you manage all aspects of your HR administration. With HR Escape can approve and monitor holiday, record working time and calculate wages, allocate time and staff expenses to clients, projects, and activities, and much more.

Our software powered by UKG includes the latest technology and tools to keep your employee time and attendance streamlined and simple. Coupled with powerful reporting tools it greatly enhances your management analysis while minimising overpayments and compliance risk.

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