Integration and Operations

By 29/09/2021 News

Payroll, Human Resources, and Time keeping are workforce management tools that are vital to company operations. So why don’t most companies have integrated systems to manage all of their employee data? Payroll and HR use the same employee data, while time and absence management is a key to accurate payroll. It’s time to make integration a priority for your business operations.

So where do you start? Finding the right tools and technology for workforce management is challenging, but integrating your software and company systems provides reporting, real-time views of your costs across the organisation, and helps to ensure compliance across the board.

Payroll and absence management should be a priority due to the thousands lost each year in the payroll process due to poor absence management. HR uses the same personal data as payroll, so your HR software is an important piece of the integration puzzle.

Payescape has continued to focus our technology enhancements on integration for your company systems. Our payroll, HR, and time and absence management software gives you the tools to manage your workforce in one platform. With integrated partners like UKG providing industry-leading time and absence management, and cloud-based HR to manage employee appraisals, you can simplify operations and ensure compliance for your organisation. Talk to our team about integrating your payroll, HR and time management to optimise your business.

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