Payroll is one of the most time-intensive and largest operational expenses for companies. How can you tell if it’s running as efficiently and accurately as it could be? With so many enhancements to technology and integration, it might be time to evaluate your payroll software to enhance compliance features, reduce any manual processes, and simplify operations. So where should your team start?

Using a cloud-based payroll software is the best way to reduce errors, manual processes, and compliance issues. Your payroll software should provide automated updates to regulations as they change, directly file with HMRC each payroll, and securely manage employee data. Another feature of cloud-based payroll is integration with other systems including HR admin and time and absence management tools.

Payroll management is complex, but there are also day-to-day changes employees request such as banking or personal details. Your payroll solution should provide self-service functionality to allow employees to manage their own data, change bank accounts or other personal information. This helps your payroll team spend less time on manual changes and reduces errors because employees can manage changes on their own.

Service is another important component of payroll software – if you have a question about a new regulation, auto-enrolment, or tax filing, you need a team you can call. Look for a payroll software that offers a CIPP-certified team that is available when you need help. Don’t overlook service when you are reviewing new payroll options, as it can be vital to ensuring compliance in your payroll process.

As you evaluate new solutions for payroll, consider what your business needs and if the software can scale as you grow. Payescape has created a cloud-based payroll platform with automated updates, direct filing with HMRC, a robust employee self-service portal, and our team of CIPP-certified experts are here to help when you need it. With integrated HR and Time management solutions, we are a one-stop-shop for your business. Click here to get started

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