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17th March 2023

How getting the basics right can keep your staff happy

It can be easy for businesses to focus on bigger things within the company, rather than focusing on keeping staff happy. However this should be your biggest priority.

Without your staff your business would cease to exist and would quite literally fail at the first hurdle. Getting the basics right helps to keep staff happy, creating a positive work environment and boosting productivity.

It’s a company's responsibility to put the right things in place to ensure staff stay happy. Due to this we’ve put together a few basics you need to get right to improve staff satisfaction.

Implement proper benefits systems 

You should consider what employee benefits you provide or whether you provide any. Providing employee benefits is a great way to improve employee satisfaction and retention.

However, you shouldn’t just provide any old ‘benefits’ to employees, you want to provide ones that are actually relevant to your employees and that they’ll genuinely benefit from them.

For example you could provide benefits like tax free childcare for parents or health benefits, such as private health care.

When considering what benefits to provide you could ask your staff what benefits they would like to see most. This will help you provide the best possible benefits to help support your staff during and outside of work.

To learn more about improving employee retention through staff benefits, visit our website to read our blog.

Implement HR and payroll software

Using HR and payroll software helps you avoid any silly payroll mistakes that could make your employees unhappy. You could even go a step further and integrate both your HR and payroll systems so that you can have everything in one place. This makes it easier to find key information, record data, create reports and stay compliant to the latest rules and regulations.

Implementing HR and payroll software not only benefits staff through them being paid correctly and on time, but through making your payroll team’s jobs easier as they can use the software to complete automated tasks while they complete more time consuming and potentially more complex activities.

Visit our website to book a demo with Payescape today to see how we can help you improve your payroll and HR processes.

Consider outsourcing

If you find your company is struggling with completing payroll tasks on time or correctly, it may be worth outsourcing some payroll services. You can still keep your current team, but by outsourcing payroll you could free up time for your team to focus on essential tasks and take the time they need to get things right.

Using other payroll services could allow you to automate certain tasks making it quicker to complete payroll processes.

Stay compliant with payroll rules and regulations

One of the most important ways to keep your staff happy, as well as keeping your business successful is to stay compliant.

Below are a few ways you can ensure compliance is achieved:

●       Make sure all personal records are up to date - This can be done digitally using payroll software.

●       Make sure your staff understand how to stay compliant - Communicating this throughout your business allows everyone to be on the same page while showing them how they can maintain compliance.

●       Take the time to understand pensions - Once you have even one staff member you have a responsibility that requires you to put certain staff into pension schemes, where you must contribute.

●       Stay on top of payroll legislation - The legislation is always changing, making it even more important for you to keep on top of it. This can be done through training and webinars.

●       Submit your payroll information on time - You need to keep on top of tax deadlines, different paydays and reports to ensure you stay compliant. To learn more about key payroll deadlines read our blog on 6 things your payroll team needs to do before the year ends.

For more tips on improving payroll compliance, visit our website to read our blog.

Get feedback from your staff

Gaining feedback from your staff will help you understand what you’re doing well at and where you need to improve. You can ask for feedback through:

●       Face-to-face meetings

●       1-2-1 meetings

●       Anonymous surveys

With any feedback you get that requires changes to be made, you can look into the current work flows being used to assess where improvement is needed.

However, it’s not so easy to gain feedback and act upon it. You need to create a working environment where your staff feel comfortable to voice their opinions and talk about any problems they’re facing.

Through reassuring your staff that you want to make positive changes that will truly benefit them you should get the feedback you require.

How can Payescape help you?

Here at Payescape we use CIPP certified professionals to manage outsourced payroll, providing expert knowledge, ensuring compliance and improving data security, helping to keep your staff happy.

Get in touch with Payescape today to see how we can help you improve your payroll processes and keep your employees happy.

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