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Outsourcing Payroll

Why Outsource Payroll? Get the Facts

Managing Payroll is getting more complicated each year

Payroll is one of the most important functions in any business. Ensuring compliance and maintaining accurate records is increasingly difficult to manage with new GDPR and regulatory changes each year. Payroll teams are often overwhelmed with manual spreadsheets and data entry errors, but combined with new regulations and the HMRC legislation Real Time Information (RTI) deadlines, things can quickly get out of control. 

Simplify Payroll and Compliance

Payroll teams spend countless hours managing payroll each month. Using manual processes and spreadsheets is not only inefficient, but can cost thousands in fines and penalties if not managed properly. Many companies turn to outsourcing their payroll to improve efficiency, free up staff to work on other priority projects, and to ensure compliance with HMRC and GDPR.

Outsourcing payroll gives you access to a team of payroll experts and technology to securely manage sensitive employee data. Payescape created web-based technology to manage payroll and integrate with HR and Time management systems.

Our technology lets you maintain control of your data, get realtime access to your payroll costs, and gives you customised reporting each month. Personal employee data, payroll and tax information, payslips, and HMRC filing is managed through our secure technology. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Payroll Outsourcing

Q: Will I still need an in-house payroll expert if I outsource my payroll?
A: No – you can save money on hiring a payroll administrator and let Payescape handle the rest! We manage all aspects of the payroll process, including filing with HMRC. You don’t need a team of in-house payroll managers, just a point of contact for Payescape if questions come up.

Q: Is payroll outsourcing more expensive than in-house payroll?
A: Payroll outsourcing costs companies LESS than hiring payroll staff, paying benefits and pension contributions, and potential fines and penalties for non-compliance. It is more cost effective for companies to outsource payroll so they can utilise their internal resources for strategic company initiatives and growth.

Q: If I outsource payroll, do I lose control of my data? What about security?
A: Payroll outsourcing gives you full control over your payroll – you can make changes at any time, and get real-time reports to manage costs. Payroll technology provides advanced security measures for your employee data. All sensitive information is stored securely and our CIPP-certified staff ensures data privacy regulations are maintained at all times. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Payroll Outsourcing

Q: What if I have a question about payroll, HMRC, or Auto-enrolment?
A: At Payescape, our payroll team is CIPP-certified, and you have a dedicated team member to help with any questions. If you hire a new employee, or need to make any changes, our team is here to help!

Q: Can I connect my payroll and HR administration systems?
A: Payescape has integration capabilities so you can manage both payroll and HR administration easily and securely. Our software is accessible from any mobile device, so you can make changes on the go. We also have employee self-service portals, so employees can make changes to their address or bank account information. 

Getting Started Guide

Now that you’ve decided to outsource payroll, here are the first steps to get started:

1. Evaluate In-house Processes: Identifying internal processes that are currently used for payroll will help when you transition to a payroll outsourcing team. The Payescape implementation team ensures all required procedures are in place before beginning payroll, and will help ensure continuity in the transition.

2. Select a Payroll Provider: There are many payroll providers in the UK that offer payroll services, but Payescape offers more than just payroll. Our easy-to-use technology and CIPP-certified staff ensure payroll accuracy and compliance, and we offer solutions for HR administration and Time and Attendance that integrate with our payroll solution. We were named #1 Payroll provider for UK small business in 2018 due to our integration, payroll, and service capabilities.

3. Determine Services to Outsource: If your HR team is overwhelmed, you may need other services in addition to payroll. HR administration can be simplified and integrated with your payroll very cost-effectively. Figuring out what services to outsource can help with the onboarding process and save time when all of your employee services are integrated.

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Payescape is the leader in online payroll for UK companies. Simplify your operations, save time, and improve efficiencies with web-based payroll, HR, and Time and Attendance solutions.

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