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Case Study

Sheffield Based Accountant
Case Study 1

The Company

This client employs 12 staff including fully and part qualified accounting staff and administrators.

The 12-staff included a Payroll Manager charged with ensuring over 60 clients payrolls were processed correctly and on time each month. The payroll manager was assisted by a junior accountant to manage the client information.

The accountant used IRIS as their main accounting software and to process their payroll.  

The Problem

Due to a change in circumstances the longstanding Payroll Manager handed their notice in, but with plenty of time for the company to search and recruit a replacement. From initial posting of the job to the new Payroll Manager taking up the role there was a period on ten weeks.

Despite a thorough recruitment and interview process it soon became apparent that the fit between the new Payroll Manager and the company wasn’t working the way both had hoped it would, and the person who filled the Payroll Manager position handed in their notice.

This left the accountant with a problem, after having a bad recruitment experience did they begin the entire process again, meanwhile using a highly skilled accountant to process their client payrolls in the interim or do they look at alternative methods of payroll services to their client, i.e. outsourcing.

The Solution

Payescape were able to step in and take over the role of the payroll manager by effectively becoming the accountants in-house Payroll Manager.  

Initially there was no change for the end user clients, they would send the payroll information into the accounting juniors who would then input the data into Payescape’s web-based software, Unity. During a 6-month period clients were encouraged to upload payroll data into Unity directly, using as few as 5 five clicks within the system.

Clients were selected on a phased basis depending on their ability to embrace technology.

Now that clients were uploading information into a cloud based system, all payroll data was delivered directly to Payescape enabling the accountant to free up resource within their business and enable them to concentrate on higher revenue generating areas of the business.

Payescape became responsible for calculation of tax, NI, SSP, holiday pay, auto enrolment contributions and plus deal with any PAYE tax related issues for the end user clients. 
As part of the auto enrolment process, Payescape took the burden away from the accountant and uploaded employee payment information directly to the pension provider as well monitoring employee eligibility, informing each employee of their eligibility status managing the entire process whether they were to be enrolled or not.

Payescape also took on the responsibility of processing RTI reports with HMRC for each individual company.

Monthly journals were also provided for each client based on the accounting system each individual client uses, whether that IRIS, Sage or any additional provider.

Each employee at the client was given access to their own secure cloud based portal, Employee Self Service (ESS) and here they could access their payslips, P60’s or P45’s online. In addition, and to save further double entry of information, each end user client was given the option of enabling the employee to change their own address and bank details within ESS which meant the client and the accountant saved even more time and onus was placed back on the employee to ensure the information provided was correct.

Furthermore, the accountant is now also able to offer its client the added benefit of having access to a HR management system to store employee information such as contracts, adding further value to their proposition.


  • The accountant reduced their payroll processing time by over 50%
  • The accountant saved money by not having to employ a new Payroll Manager.
  • The accountant no longer had to suffer from additional administration burden of managing auto enrolment
  • The accountant could off load responsibility for filing of weekly RTI and annual reporting.  
  • The accountant saved money month each by no longer having to print payslips
  • The accountant’s payroll process has become more efficient enabling them to concentrate on areas of the business that will generate higher revenue streams.
  • The accountant is now able to offer more to its clients for the same price.
  • The accountant no longer requires a contingency plan if their Payroll Manager is on holiday or off sick as Payescape are available every working day of the year

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