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16th May 2018

When Integration Goes Wrong

Integrating your payroll, accounting, and HRIS systems has many benefits. But what happens when your integration isn’t done properly?

Here are common challenges when integration is not done well or not done at all:

Data Loss

System integration allows the data to pass to multiple systems automatically without much intervention. When company systems like payroll and accounting are not integrated, there is risk of data loss, data privacy concerns, and process complexities due to manual work required. How can you report quarterly figures when you have to wait for the payroll system to catch up? Lack of integration also leads to data redundancies, integrity issues and difficulty creating accurate reporting.


Manual data entry takes time and resources away from important company initiatives. It also leads to errors, increases costs to process payroll, and increases risk of data loss or errors. If your HR team spends time entering in employee details into the HRIS system, but then has to enter those same details into payroll or accounting systems, the risk increases that an error will be made and payroll could be incorrect. The lack of automation results in impact to quality and compliance with the payroll process.


Leadership teams in every organization are looking for real-time results and trying to manage budgets. How can leadership make decisions based on data that may not be accurate or up to date? If every system is creating a report, who is consolidating and creating one overall report? Lack of reporting or inaccurate reporting can have disastrous results for an organization, and without proper checks and balances, this can lead to fraud, fines, and penalties.

Processing payroll, managing benefits, and accurate accounting are all vital to the health of an organization. Without integration of these systems, there is data redundancy, issues with data integrity, and little or no reporting capabilities. Your integration of these systems is key to providing real-time results, accurate accounting, and paying your employees on time. Don’t let lack of integration stunt your organization. If you are struggling with manual processes or lack of integration, let us help! Click here to learn more about our integrated payroll, time and attendance, and HR systems.

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