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30th November 2022

The Benefits of Time and Attendance Software

Here at PayEscape our time and attendance software, TimeEscape is powered by UKG, to help streamline employee time and attendance.

Implementing time and attendance software will allow you to maintain compliance, automate time and attendance activities and gain informed business decisions to help you move forward.

Below are five benefits of using time and attendance software.

It’s paperless!

Moving your time and attendance process online, means you don’t have to waste loads of time searching for relevant paperwork or updating systems and spreadsheets with manual data entry. Payescape’s  time and attendance software allows you to access data quickly and easily, helping you to be more productive and spend more time on critical tasks.

Having more time for other tasks freed up by time and attendance software allows companies to focus on driving company productivity and profitability. This is because  all processes are done online and enables complete compliance, as the software can keep track of hours worked to make sure employees are not going over the legal hours and employers are adhering to legislation

Having everything in one place will help you stay compliant by allowing you to easily track employee hours, ensuring they’re not working over the legal hours, and making sure your company is adhering to legislation.

Data is reliable and on time

Using cloud-based software means data is produced in real time, making it more reliable, as long as data is accurate.

Tracking time and attendance across several documents, without having a unified system can lead to mistakes and reporting  data being inaccurate (which then impacts payroll), as by the time its recorded data may be outdated.

Using online software such as TimeEscape allows agile decision making due to teams being able to access data quickly and easily. This helps to organise data efficiently, making data management easier than ever.

It integrates payroll and HR

Time and attendance software can integrate with both payroll and HR, meaning you have everything in one place, making it easier to access and reducing the time it would spend to look for paper copies of payroll or HR data and tasks.

Integrating your software systems is important as it can increase accuracy rates, minimise errors and reduce manual entry. Unifying your employee data across systems will produce better quality data through reducing manual admin related mistakes.

It improves company culture

Automating your time and attendance tasks will help improve company culture by ensuring your team isn't working more hours than they should be.

Time and attendance software allows you to track employees' work hours to see if they are getting a good work life balance. If a specific team or employees are continuously working over time, then this may be a sign that certain areas need improving. For example, tracking employee hours may show you whether tasks need delegating better or whether a team needs expanding to help create a better work life balance for all employees.

Partnering your time and attendance software with payroll software will also improve company culture, as employees will be paid on time and correctly, helping to instil a happy working environment.

Time and attendance can be automated

Automating your time and attendance tasks will improve data security, as data is stored within secure data centres that follow GDPR rules and regulations. This helps your company stay compliant and reduces risk of making mistakes.

What’s included in PayEscape’s time and attendance software

●       Labour costs, tracking and management

●       Leave eligibility, type and duration tracking management

●       Scheduling based on availability, skills and business demand

●       Accrued time off tracking and calculations

●       Automated shift creation and assignment with manual scheduling options

●       Collect attestation data through existing data collection source

Get in touch with PayEscape today to see how we can help you with your time and attendance software.

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