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13th February 2019

Streamline your Payroll and HR Processes

Managing employee data is a concern for most organisations, and with new regulations each year it gets more complicated. How do you maintain personal data, process payroll, and manage HR while ensuring compliance? Simplifying your payroll and HR processes can be the first step in protecting your employee data, maintaining compliance, and ensuring there are no security or data breaches.

Payroll data includes some of the most personal information regarding your employees. Calculating salaries, pensions, holiday or leave pay, and other statutory benefits is critical to the organisational success, but can often lead to errors, omissions, or potential for fraud. Ensuring compliance, oversight of the data, and security is a key component of protecting your employee personal information. Using technology to collect and manage employee data helps to ensure compliance, avoid fraud, and protect against manual errors. Finding a payroll solution that integrates with your HR tools can also help manage the duplicate employee data that is used by both teams.

Human Resources
Human Resources has many of the same pain points of the payroll team – maintaining employee data, ensuring compliance with privacy laws, and avoiding errors due to manual entry. Many HR technology tools allow employees to make personal changes, provide self-service portals to manage updates, and will oftentimes integrate with payroll technology to share the same data. Using technology also helps HR teams focus on more strategic work, instead of managing employee personal changes, bank details, or other updates. Integrated payroll and HR technology helps remove the risk of fraud as well.

Simplifying your Payroll and HR Processes
Once you’ve decided technology is the solution to ensuring compliance and data security, look for a payroll and HR solution that will integrate, use the same employee data, and provide customised reporting so you can view trends, spot any issues, and make recommendations based on the results. Allowing employees to manage their own changes also helps remove manual entry errors, provides employees with a portal to view payslips and provide updates, and gives everyone accountability in the organisation.

Get 2019 started with integrated payroll and HR tools for your team. You will reduce risk, maintain compliance, and ensure data security by using integrated technology. Your payroll and HR teams will be able to focus on enhancements for the organisation, and you won’t have to worry about compliance issues! If you would like to learn more about integrated payroll and HR solutions, click here

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