When talking about business growth or annual planning, payroll is often left out of the conversation. Since payroll is usually the largest operating expense for every company, it’s surprising that it can be so easily brushed aside. While leadership teams may believe that payroll is just a operational expense, the consequences of letting payroll get lost in the shuffle can impact the growth of the organisation.

If your business is growing or expanding, the team you have in place is a vital component to the success of the operation. As the company grows, the payroll budget grows as well and the demands of increasing employee size or opening a new office can quickly become unmanageable for one person. Determining what scalable payroll solutions are available before your team is overwhelmed is the best way to grow without sacrificing compliance or resources.

Payroll technology offers companies many benefits including one data source for employee information, customised reporting to view payroll costs in real time, self-service portals for employees to make their own changes to personal details, and direct filing with HMRC to ensure deadlines are met and save your payroll team time and resources. Making sure your payroll technology integrates with other company software like HR and time management also helps reduce manual processes and ensures accuracy.

Payescape created a cloud-based payroll platform to securely manage employee payroll and HMRC filing, reduces manual processes needed to complete payroll, and ensures compliance with the latest payroll regulations. Our CIPP-certified team is available to help when questions come up, and with customised monthly reporting you have real-time access to payroll costs. As you begin planning for expansion or increasing your staff, make sure payroll is a part of the process. To learn more about how Payescape can help: click here

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