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17th April 2018

Latest News on Brexit and the Northern Ireland Border

Last December, the EU and UK reached a tentative agreement to protect north-south cooperation in Ireland. Both sides agreed there should be no physical structure or check points creating a hard border, and that the Common Travel area should continue. Although there have been agreements on the border, there are several key points of disagreement that can cause issues with the open border in the future related to the single market, customs union, and individual rights.

The UK wants to leave the EU single market in order to negotiate trade agreements independently around the world, but the Northern Ireland border would present a problem for the UK if they are no longer a part of the single market. It would be very difficult to retain the open border if the single market and customs unions do not remain the same, and this has caused push back from EU leadership during the negotiations. EU officials have proposed that the UK remain in the single market, but that proposal was rejected by UK leaders. Until a deal can be reached on the single market and customs union, the Northern Ireland border remains a key issue during Brexit negotiations.

So what does this mean for your UK business?

For now, everything remains the same in your day to day operations, but as talks continue to evolve and the transition period between March 2019 and the end of 2020 gets closer, your business could be affected by the changes. Even if you don’t do business outside the UK, your business partners or companies you do business with could be impacted, which then affects your business. Industries that could be impacted include manufacturing and financial services.

To get prepared for potential changes to your business, start with your daily operations. What can you improve or change to simplify daily tasks? Is your payroll and HR administration running smoothly, or do you struggle to maintain all of the paperwork and processes? Using an online payroll and HR software can greatly improve the time and resources you spend on tasks like payroll reporting or employee maintenance. Automating employee timesheets, holiday requests, and sick leave can also greatly increase accuracy of payroll, reduce human error, and save money. Organizing your daily finance and HR operations prepares you for any changes that could be coming in the months ahead. Talk to us about simplifying your payroll, HR administration, and time and attendance with our unique online technology and service.

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