Payroll software is essential for all businesses, especially manufacturing companies. With companies within this industry usually having a lot of staff members all over the country it can be hard to keep track of the hours everyone has worked and what rates or salary they’re on.

Due to this, our blog will explore everything manufacturers need to know about implementing payroll software.

What features does manufacturers’ payroll software need?

Manufacturing industries have many of the same payroll and HR issues and criteria as other industries, however there are some criteria they’re more likely to need than other industries.

Due to the sheer amount of staff manufacturers have plus their busy schedules it’s hard to keep on top of payroll tasks. As a result it’s important that they invest in software that helps retain employees through keeping on top of the latest rules and regulations, automating payroll processes and integrating time tracking services.

Other essential features include:

Automated tax and salary calculations

Payroll software should calculate employee’s gross wages for the pay period, as well as calculating taxes and deductions. Using this type of software will allow businesses to reduce the time it takes them and their staff to complete payroll tasks by introducing automation.

Time and attendance tracking

Time and attendance tracking software is a great way to track what shifts have been worked and who by. Due to workers in the manufacturing industry usually being paid hourly it’s important to make sure all hours are tracked to ensure correct salary payments are made and prevent time fraud.

Here at Payescape we can easily integrate payroll with our HR and time tracking software to make processes more efficient and data easier to access. Time and attendance software allows companies in the manufacturing industry to track their staff much more easily, helping to reduce time theft and payroll errors.

Employee self service portals

Providing employees with self service portals will allow staff to access their payslips remotely anywhere at any time, giving them the opportunity to bring up any mistakes or concerns they have. This will also make it easier for payroll teams to keep on top of any tasks relating to payroll issues.

Benefits management

There are benefits you’re legally required to provide and ones that you can choose to provide. Due to this, choosing a payroll software that includes benefit administration is a great way to keep track of what staff get what benefits, what they’re entitled to and what it’s costing the company. This will allow businesses and their staff to access all information in one place making tasks significantly easier to complete.


Choosing a system that allows you to integrate multiple softwares/departments is a great way to keep everything in one place. This removes the need to sift through multiple systems and data logs, improving productivity and reducing the time it takes to complete tasks.

Why choose Payescape?

Here at Payescape our Payroll, HR and Time and Attendance software include all of the features manufacturers require to run their business smoothly. These features include:

●       Integrations – You can connect Payescape’s software to other software.

●       A flexible contract – We have monthly rolling contracts, meaning there’s no long-term commitment required.

●       Data security – All data is stored in line with GDPR best practices.

●       Cloud-based software – This allows you and your staff to access and control your data from anywhere at any time on any device. This will also include employee self-service portals.

●       HMRC, BACS and FCA approved – Peace of mind that your payroll is fully compliant.

Get in touch with Payescape today to see how we can help you choose the right payroll software.

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