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4th September 2019

Who Really Benefits from a Payroll Contract?

Managing payroll for a business is no easy task, and with so many payroll solutions in the marketplace it gets even more complicated. Before you skip the fine print and sign a payroll contract, learn more about who really benefits from a payroll contract and how you can guarantee you get what you’re paying for.

Payroll companies that offer services with a contract are locking you in to a pre-determined amount of time that you will stay with that company and with penalties for early cancellation. What if something goes wrong in the payroll process? What if you have a compliance issue or bad experience with their service team? How can you guarantee you will receive what you’ve been promised and what course of action can you take when it doesn’t work out? These are just a few problems that arise for companies that have signed payroll contracts and are now locked in with a company that makes the payroll process more complicated.

When searching for a payroll solution to meet your company needs, look for the following key areas of expertise:

Many payroll companies offer “technology” to manage your payroll. You don’t want to lose control over your payroll process and costs, so make sure your payroll technology allows you to manage the process, create custom reports each month, and provide audit functions to ensure you can spot trends or issues as they arise.

Every company proclaims to have “the best” service, but when you really need help, your payroll company should be available at any time to answer questions, include a CIPP-certified staff that can answer payroll, tax, and compliance questions, and provide you with the most updated regulations so you avoid fines and penalties.

No Contracts
Your payroll company should not be asking for a contract – you should look for a company that provides world-class service without asking you for a financial obligation up front. Contracts only protect the payroll company and are not in your best interest.

Payescape is changing how UK companies manage payroll and compliance. Our innovative technology provides easy-to-use payroll with customised reporting so you can view your payroll in real-time. Our CIPP-certified staff is always available when questions come up and can help with your compliance challenges. With more than 1000 UK clients and a 98% retention rate, our customers are benefiting from world-class service, dynamic technology, and no contracts! Talk to us today about simplifying your payroll – click here to learn more

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