Simplifying HR Admin

By 29/01/2020 HR

Human Resources teams are stretched thin – too many requests, too much paperwork, and too many people who need help each day. How do HR teams get it all done? Most companies have recruiting, on-boarding paperwork, and benefits processes figured out, but how do you manage employees in the long-term?

Manual processes are not scalable as an organisation grows, and can also cause compliance and benefits errors. HR teams have to figure out how to move manual processes into an automated system in order to keep up with demand and stay ahead of regulations changing each year. Implementing new technology is a great way to get your HR team organised, but also a great way to integrate with other company systems to avoid manual entry errors or duplicate processes.

Payescape has created HR admin technology that is easy to use, reduces manual processes, and integrates with payroll and time management tools. HRescape provides tools to manage appraisals, record working time and calculate wages, send automated messages to team members for upcoming deadlines, and provides customised reporting so you can spot trends, make recommendations, and motivate employees.

HR admin is not easy – but with HRescape you can reduce redundant processes, ensure compliance, and engage employees – all in one platform. Learn more about HRescape – we can help ease the HR team admin functions so they can focus on strategic initiatives.

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