Save time and resources with Employee Self Service

By 10/04/2019 HR

Employee self-service may seem like a small convenience, but each day employee requests for payroll or personal information changes can take time and resources away from your HR or finance team.

By using payroll and HR systems with employee self-service portals, employees get a secure login where they can make changes to personal information like name or address, or change bank accounts and print forms. Employees can also request holiday or sick time, update time cards, and verify their personal information is correct. Your company can move towards paperless payroll when employees have online access to payslips – no more printing or mailing payroll information.

Letting your employees manage personal and financial changes saves countless hours of manual input from your HR or finance teams, and greatly reduces payroll errors from manual processes and incorrect or incomplete information. Utilizing employee self-service portals also gives your employees quick access to information they would have previously had to wait to be processed – now they can access this information on their mobile devices.

Our payroll, time management, and HR solutions were all built with employee self-service portals to save companies time and money, simplify daily operations, and reduce costly payroll or time and attendance errors. Employees love the simplicity and access to their personal information, and employers love the cost savings associated with self-service payroll, time collection, and HR services. If you are trying to find an easier way to manage your Payroll, Time and Attendance, and Human Resources, we can help!


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