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3rd August 2022

Restructuring Payroll and HR Operations

Payroll and HR operations impact the entire organisation but can often be ignored when it comes to making improvements to the process. Efficiencies between teams get overlooked, creating duplicate efforts and potential complications. Restructuring your payroll and HR processes not only simplifies company operations but can uncover inefficient or redundant efforts across the organisation that impact payroll, HR, and compliance.

Software Platform
The first place to start with a restructuring is the software being used across the organisation. Are payroll and HR teams using different systems? How is time and absence management being tracked? Are there manual processes involved to connect systems or create reporting? Your software platform can be the key to solving workforce challenges. Integrated payroll, HR, and time management allows you to enter employee details into one system, track and create reporting within the platform, and seamlessly view employee data securely in one place.

Reporting Functionality
Without the right software platform in place, payroll and HR reporting is often manual, with teams using spreadsheets to pull data from different systems. Without real-time reporting available, your teams could be missing information or errors in the data. With reporting functionality built into your payroll and HR platform, your teams can create custom monthly and quarterly reports for HMRC, to provide to leadership teams, and give insight to cross-functional teams across the organisation.

Integration Capabilities
Since payroll and HR use much of the same employee data, integration between systems is a key component to reducing duplicate work and data errors across the organisation. If your current technology does not offer integration between payroll, HR, and absence managements, it’s time to look at restructuring your technology and the systems used to manage your workforce.

Restructuring your operations will help streamline payroll, time keeping, and HR, provide compliance support, and reduce manual work across the organisation. Payescape has created an integrated platform to provide payroll, HR admin, and absence management in one place. With customised reporting and a CIPP-certified team, we help you ensure compliance and simplify operations at the same time. Talk to our team to get started: click here

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