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14th March 2022

Payroll Process Improvements

If you had to rate your payroll process each month, what score would you give? If the answer was “needs improvement” you’re not alone. Payroll is one of the most challenging aspects of a business, and often is neglected when it comes to making improvements. Learn about how to improve payroll without putting additional burden on your team.

One of the main issues companies are facing right now is resources. If you had to reduce your staff during the pandemic, or if you are hiring and growing your team, payroll can be difficult to scale if you don’t have the right tools in place. HMRC continually makes changes that affect payroll and compliance, so without the right team in place that can place additional burden on your staff. Reducing paperwork, spreadsheets, and manual processes is a good first step to improving the payroll process, but that’s just one aspect to consider.

Payroll technology has made it easier to run payroll, but what happens when there is an issue? When looking for software to help with the payroll calculations, it’s important to make sure you have a payroll and compliance service team when you need it. No one talks about service until there is a problem, so you don’t want to get stuck with a technology that doesn’t have a team backing it up.

Integrating other company systems like HR and time management can be helpful for improving your monthly processes. Reducing duplicate efforts, integrating employee data, and ensuring on is another important factor when selecting a payroll software. If you can integrate your employee data and use one system, it also provides an extra layer of security for confidential data.

As payroll gets more complicated with new regulations and HMRC requirements, making process improvements can help your team scale the business and use less resources to manage employee payroll. Payescape provides an easy-to-use payroll platform that can integrate with HR and time management so you can improve payroll processing, talk to our team of CIPP-certified experts when questions come up, and create custom reports each month. Learn more about improving your payroll process: Click here to learn more

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