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16th April 2019

Why Join the Payescape Partnership Program?

There is no doubt business is changing, technology is changing, and services are changing. We have worked with accountants and bookkeepers long enough to know change takes time. As we all know, time in the world of accounting and bookkeeping is money. Adopting new technology, new systems, migrating data from one system to the next, looking at new ways to get reports, keeping up with the changes in laws and compliance all takes time. So how do I easily manage payroll and compliance for my clients?

Payescape has created a new Partnership program to save time and simplify the payroll process for accountants and bookkeepers.

What is Payescape?
Payescape was created to simplify the payroll process for companies. We provide software and services for Payroll, Human Resources, and Time management. Our cloud-based technology integrates payroll, HR, and time management to bring simplicity and stability to those business-critical functions, and our Payroll services team is CIPP-certified, so you have qualified and experienced help when you need it. You can focus on more business-critical functions for profit and customer satisfaction when your payroll is running efficiently and in compliance.

How can we help Accountants and Bookkeepers?
Many Accountants and Bookkeepers turn away new business or hesitate to manage payroll due to the compliance and processing challenges. Payescape simplifies the payroll process so you can easily payroll for your clients, while we ensure compliance and provide expertise when you need it. You can add payroll clients to your practice, streamline the payroll you already manage, and have peace of mind that we are here for you and your customers with our exceptional service team.

Why use Payescape?
Research shows that Payroll is not a critical offering from most bookkeepers and accountants. It is a service that is asked for and coupled with other services, or not offered unless asked. When your clients ask you for payroll services, you have to consider time, resources, software, labour, compliance and data vs profit. Sometimes clients need more payroll management than you can offer including HR services and time management. These are all contributing factors to accountants and bookkeepers turning down Payroll and the management of Payroll for their clients. Payescape takes away the burden of payroll management with easy to use technology, customised reporting, and compliance updates each year based on new regulations.

How does the Partnership program work?
Simplifying payroll for accountants and bookkeepers is the reason for our new program. Here are 3 factors to consider:

  • The partnership program is free - not one penny is spent by the accountant or bookkeeper

  • You get full access and training on Payescape

  • You get profit from that customer each year with no work required!

Some of the comments we have received from our current Accountant partners use the words “unique,” “simple,” and “options”. We want to bring this program to you and make your operations easier. To learn more about our new Partnership program or to request a meeting with one of our development managers, click here

Need help to understand what solution is best for your business?

Speak with our expert team today on 028 2764 1060

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Payescape Limited is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2017 (register number 821826) for the provision of payment services.

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