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25th September 2019

How Accountants can move from Compliance to Advisory Role

Accountants have a complex and challenging role to meet client needs. They have many arduous and time-consuming aspects of daily accounting work that is critical for their clients and provides a vital service. So how can Accountants move from working on compliance and general accounting work to more of an advisory role for their clients?

Many Accountants struggle to shift their focus from general accounting and compliance, but if they can become more involved with their client businesses they can get a full understanding of the challenges and goals of each client, gain more trust as a true advisor, and help provide solutions for their clients based on the needs of the business.

Payroll is one aspect of accounting that many clients need help with and turn to their accountant to provide. The problem with payroll is that it can be very manual, with inaccurate information causing compliance issues, and with the addition of auto enrolment making it more challenging. Payroll is not a big money-maker for accounting practices, causing many accountants to stop offering payroll as a service. But managing client payroll can give you important insight into the business, challenges the client might be facing, and open the door to provide many additional services to help the client better manage operations.

We have built an Accountant Partnership Program to help Accountants easily manage client payroll, reduce manual processes, and automate compliance. We take the burden of payroll off your shoulders allowing you to focus on more profitable work while still being able to offer your clients payroll and other professional services. Our easy-to-use technology provides real-time access to client payroll, customised reporting, and direct filing with HMRC to simplify the process.

We can also provide you with co-branded marketing materials so you can market to your clients, offer payroll, HR, and time management services, and provide full-service solutions for your client businesses. Talk to us today about how Payescape can help you grow your accounting practice from compliance and service to an advisory focus. Click here to learn more

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