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20th March 2019

Accountant Payroll Challenges

Accountants manage many vital financial aspects of their client businesses, but payroll can often be the most challenging. If client data is not accurate or information is not communicated to the accountancy practice, mistakes can be made and client employees could be paid incorrectly. Here are a few common challenges Accountants face when managing client payroll:

Many issues with payroll begin with technology. If your clients are using spreadsheets and email to communicate with you regarding their payroll, it’s time to make a change. Sending personal data via email is not compliant with GDPR regulations, and can also cause errors due to manual entry and inaccurate data. Utilising a payroll technology is vital to simplifying your client payroll processes and ensuring compliance.

Data Security
With new regulations regarding data security and privacy each year, staying ahead of the new requirements can be impossible. To make sure your practice is managing client data security and privacy, you must enforce data transfer procedures that follow GDPR guidelines, make sure your clients do not send private information via email, and use secure technology to process payroll transactions.

Once you have completed payroll for your clients, how do you provide payroll reporting specific to each client? Creating manual payroll reporting for each client would take countless resources, so ensuring your payroll technology offers customised reporting is very important. Clients can view trends, identify areas for improvement, and provide you with updated information to manage their payroll if they are receiving monthly payroll reporting. Ensure your technology gives you the flexibility to create customised reports for each client based on their needs.

To simplify your client payroll, look for technology that provides you with compliant payroll processing, a customised reporting tool so you can ensure accuracy, and a team of payroll professionals that can help when questions come up. Payescape has payroll solutions for Accountants to streamline the payroll process, create customised reporting for each client, and has a team of CIPP-certified payroll experts to help you ensure compliance. Click here to learn more

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