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17th April 2019

Costly HR Admin Mistakes to Avoid

Human Resources administration is time-consuming and often a manual process. Making sure your HR teams are not overwhelmed, ensuring compliance, and reducing the risk of fraud and fines for incorrect processes can be difficult for most organisations. So what mistakes should you be aware of managing HR admin?

Manual Process Errors
HR teams are responsible for managing the life cycle of each employee, and that includes a huge amount of paperwork. While some paperwork is necessary, using manual processes puts a strain on your HR team, and leaves potential for human error. If an incorrect payroll or pension code leads to errors down the line, this leaves your company at risk. Eliminating manual HR processes increases staff productivity, reduces the strain on your HR team, and removes the risk of human error.

Payroll Issues
Once an employee is onboard, the payroll process begins. Any errors in the employee information can lead to payroll or pension miscalculations. Payroll errors cost companies millions each year, and can also lead to employee dissatisfaction and retention problems. Using manual processes to process payroll can also put your company at risk for fraud, fines and penalties due to lack of compliance. Making sure your employee data and payroll are accurate is a must for every organisation.

Quality Control
When HR teams are overwhelmed with administration tasks, they don’t have time to focus on strategic initiatives to move the company forward. When the morale, employee programs, and company culture suffer, this can lead to turnover in your HR staff. Ensuring your HR team has the tools to provide HR administration while maintaining other employee services is vital to employee success.

So how do you remove manual processes and streamline HR administrative tasks?
Using HR admin technology that integrates with your company systems can easily simplify manual processes. Employee self-service portals allow your employees to make changes to personal data, freeing up your HR team for other initiatives. Customised reporting allows leadership to view trends in real-time, and provides insights for improvements. Integration with payroll and time management systems also help ensure accurate payroll, benefits, holiday and leave calculations.

Providing your HR team with technology to reduce manual processes and ensure compliance will give them time to focus on more important company strategies, employee programs, and more. To learn more about simplifying HR admin for your team, click here

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