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16th August 2023

6 Ways You Can Benefit From HR and Payroll Software Integration

Completing your HR and payroll on separate software can be highly time-consuming, confusing and lead to data being entered multiple times. 

As industries become more digitally led, it makes sense to avoid completing long tasks manually when you could be cutting them down by integrating your payroll and HR software.  After all, research shows that payroll errors occur twice as frequently when a company completes payroll in-house rather than outsourcing it.

What is software integration 

Software integration is the connection and synchronisation of different solutions. 

Integrating your payroll and HR software is especially important as it allows companies to automatically calculate and process payroll while using HR and time-tracking data to make it as accurate as possible.

Benefits of payroll and HR integration 

Saving time

As integrated payroll and HR software can automate tasks it saves you time on a daily basis, as staff don’t need to spend hours searching for data and can focus on more strategic and critical tasks. 

It can also help you spend less time on data management, maintenance and optimisation. 

Avoiding duplicate data 

When handling data manually you tend to duplicate files and information. This can lead to security breaches and an excess of paper files that can be easily lost or hard to manage. These will only increase as you hire new employees, but implementing integrated software can help you avoid these issues.

You’re able to automate administrative tasks and processes

Administrative tasks can take up a lot of time, but integrated payroll and HR software can automate these tasks, improving productivity, efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Reducing human errors

Manual data entry can lead to human errors that can take a long time to rectify. 

The automation and centralised process involved in the integration of payroll and HR software can prevent these mistakes, as they can easily format data and information that’s easy for you to pull data.   

You’re able to retrieve valuable data

Integrated payroll and HR gives you easy access to an abundance of data, helping you gain a big-picture overview and greater insights into company and employee data, helping you create performance indicators and targets. 

Increased security

As touched on in the duplicate data section, introducing integrated software can help increase security. Keeping passwords on scrap pieces of paper or post-it notes can lead to data breaches. 

When introducing integrated payroll and HR software you can choose one that meets your security standards, like Payescape that’s known for improving data security and following GDPR guidelines.

Improving employee experiences  

All of the benefits explored above give you time to focus on HR strategies like improving employee engagement and creating personal development plans for all staff. 

Employees can also easily update their personal details through the system, reducing the risk of errors and having to chase those in HR or payroll to change their details. This simplifies processes and promotes data transparency that’s likely to improve employee satisfaction.

So if you’re looking to integrate your payroll and HR software, Payescape can help you do just that. We can also integrate our payroll, HR and time and attendance software to ensure all of your processes are as simple and accurate as possible.

To learn more about how we could make this work for you and your business, get in touch with us today.

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