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1st September 2020

Why Accountants Should Outsource Payroll


Payroll continues to increase in complexity - especially with furlough changes each month. Are your clients asking for new payroll services? Is it taking too much time to manage your client payroll? There is an easy way to take on more payroll while simplifying the process. Payescape has created cloud-based technology with customised reporting, so you can easily take on more clients, reduce payroll processing time, and ensure accurate, timely results. You can create customised reporting for each client and reduce manual processes.

Accountants often find themselves in a tough situation – clients want you to take on their payroll, but they don’t want to pay for the service. How do you manage payroll without getting paid for your time and services? Accountants usually take on client payroll along with all accounting aspects of the client business, but payroll is taking longer each month and more difficult to manage – especially for no charge.

As payroll gets more complicated each month due to the ongoing repercussions of COVID-19, accountants and payroll teams are struggling to manage the evolving changes, ensure compliance, and get payroll done on time each month. Using technology is one way to simplify the process, but only if your technology is keeping up with the changes. Mistakes can be costly both for your clients and your accounting practice.

So how can you keep clients happy, take on more payroll, and reduce your burden? The easy answer is: outsourcing. Now how can you implement a new product or payroll service without upsetting clients? By using a cloud-based payroll technology that automatically updates with the latest changes from HMRC, using a partner who has a CIPP-certified staff to help when questions come up, and utilising software that can integrate with your current systems and file directly with HMRC. Imagine how happy clients will be when their payroll is completed on time, in compliance, and without you having to work all night to get it done!

Payescape has created seamless technology to allow you to easily upload client data, create customised reporting to keep track of payroll in real-time, and our dedicated CIPP-certified staff can answer any questions that come up. No more late nights, stress over client payroll, or calls to HMRC – Payescape makes it easy so you can take on more client work, reduce your payroll load, and keep clients happy. Talk to us today about simplifying your client payroll – before more changes come around!

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