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2nd January 2019

Payroll and HR Solutions for 2019

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to start thinking about optimizing your business solutions for 2019. Reducing costs and utilizing resources more effectively are the reasons most companies look at technology solutions to maximize payroll and HR administration. There are so many options in the marketplace, so how do you decide which solution is best for your organisation? Here are some important factors to consider when choosing technology solutions:

Your payroll and HR admin software should make life easier, not more complicated. Look for payroll solutions that are cloud-based, file taxes directly with HMRC, and provide auto-enrolment services. Your HR admin software should integrate with your payroll, so you don’t have to enter employee data into both systems. Your HR admin software should also include an employee self-service portal so your staff can make changes to their personal data. Integrated Payroll and HR admin technology reduces manual errors, eliminates duplicate entry, and ensures your employee data is accurate.

Every business is unique and has specific reporting requirements. Your payroll and HR admin technology should provide you with customised reporting each month so you can spot trends, make immediate adjustments, and keep track of payroll and HR admin costs at all times. If you are using spreadsheets and manual reporting processes, your numbers may be inaccurate. Payroll and HR reporting is critical for every organisation – make sure your solutions have customised reporting that works for you.

With payroll and tax updates each year, and new labor laws introduced regularly, it is crucial to have compliance measures in place to manage your business. When selecting a new payroll or HR technology, compliance should be at the forefront of the process. Your employee payroll data must be securely stored and managed, employee personal information must be protected, and you must be able to audit these processes each year if required. Using payroll and HR admin software that safely and securely stores your data will ensure you have auditable compliance documentation when you need it.

Payroll and HR admin can be made simple with the right technology. If you need help managing your payroll or HR administration, we can help. Our easy-to-use tools keep your payroll running accurately and on-time, while our HR admin software helps you easily manage your employees. We have a CIPP-certified staff to help when questions arise, and all of our technology is GDPR and HMRC compliant.

Need help to understand what solution is best for your business?

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