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Why use Payescape for your client’s payroll?

Payroll is generally not considered a core revenue generator for most accountancy practices and many struggle with processing payrolls, either because they have too many clients or they don't want the hassle.

Auto Enrolment has also added another dimension to the payroll workload increasing complexity and responsibility for accountants.

With clients demanding more advice and professional help, Accountants are looking for affordable and efficient ways to keep their clients happy whilst still maintaining their competitive advantage.

Payescape can help

With more than 10 years helping accountants manage and streamline their client payroll, we can help.

Payescape is a web based payroll software for accountants which enables them to focus on their core business, while still generating revenue from payroll.

We work for you

As a payroll partner, we’ll provide your clients with tools to help them manage their payroll, all backed up by our CIPP-certified staff.

Payescape can communicate directly with you and your clients to process payroll, answer any questions and manage auto enrolment.

We can either invoice the client directly or invoice you, enabling you to determine suitable service charges.

We can also white label the software to tie in your practice and the partnership.

And because we have large client experience, you can begin to offer payroll to some of your larger and more complex clients that you would otherwise shy away from.

How it works

Instead of emails and spreadsheets being sent to you, Clients will have access to input their details anywhere they have access to the internet. Clients can add employees, change salary details, and more.

Payroll variations can be made online simply and efficiently.  Once submitted, Payescape processes the payroll, applies any tax changes, submits RTI and provides a BACS or FPS payment

You and the client would have access to customised reports, our employee self-service portal, and the CIPP-certified team if questions come up. 

The benefits of outsourcing payroll

  • Improved efficiency
  • Accurate and timely processing
  • Risk mitigation
  • Retention of intellectual property and experience
  • Expert advice
  • Best practices implemented on your behalf
  • Scalable solution
  • Predictable costs
  • Reliability

Accountant Pricing

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