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10 May 2018

When a company is getting started, the first software usually purchased is for accounting and billing purposes. Once the company starts to grow and the number of employees increases, there are usually more software purchases like payroll or time and attendance solutions. As time goes on, these multi
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2 May 2018

Hiring new employees is an important and exciting part of every business, whether you’re growing 1 employee at a time, or hiring a whole team at once. By the time your new hires begin, the HR paperwork and administration has been completed, but have you overlooked payroll compliance? Beyond h
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25 April 2018

Processing payroll can be a time consuming and bothersome aspect of accounting. If you are searching for ways to become more of an advisor to your clients, and get away from compliance work, here are some simple ways to get started. Technology: One of the easiest ways to reduce your payroll workl
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18 April 2018

Last December, the EU and UK reached a tentative agreement to protect north-south cooperation in Ireland. Both sides agreed there should be no physical structure or check points creating a hard border, and that the Common Travel area should continue. Although there have been agreements on the border
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11 April 2018

Employee self-service may seem like a small convenience, but each day employee requests for payroll or personal information changes can take time and resources away from your HR or finance team. By using payroll and HR systems with employee self-service portals, employees get a secure login where t
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6 April 2018

The apprentice levy went into effect April 2017 with the intention of helping ease labour shortages and building skills for untrained workers. After a year of the levy, it seems that it is not working as intended. The levy has not increased apprenticeships and has actually hindered some businesses f
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28 March 2018

Workers are entitled to statutory holiday pay each year, and must be paid at the rate of a week’s pay. But what determines a “week’s pay”? Recent court cases have arisen from the calculation of holiday pay. In one case, a worker’s overtime payments had to be included i
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21 March 2018

Payroll fraud is hard to detect and very costly for organisations. If left undiscovered, companies lose millions each year. The common types of payroll fraud include fraudulent expense reimbursement, inflated wage claims, or counterfeit employees. In the case of fraudulent expense reporting, employ
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14 March 2018

When deciding to automate your payroll, HR, or time and attendance process, the costs associated with implementing new software is a huge factor in the decision making process. But does your organisation understand the costs associated with manual processes, data entry errors, and potential audit co
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7 March 2018

Beginning in April, the contribution minimum is changing for auto-enrolment. The new minimum is increasing as of 6 April 2018 to 5% - employers must now contribute 2%, and employees must contribute 3%. The numbers will go up again starting 6 April 2019, with the minimum for employers moving to 3% an
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28 February 2018

Human Resources is a challenging part of every business. Hiring talent, managing benefits and compensation, creating employee guidelines, and performance reviews are just a few of the responsibilities of human resource departments. Ensuring compliance with labour laws and regulations is another impo
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15 February 2018

Companies have more remote and offsite workers than ever before, as it has become an easy way for companies to manage a global workforce. But how do you track hours, time off, holiday or sick requests for all of those employees? How to you ensure accuracy each month?   Administrative time spen
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