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  • Furlough Scheme Extended to September 2021

    4 March 2021 The British government announced an extension to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme to help ease the burden on businesses over the next several months. The scheme was set to expire in April, but as businesses continue to remain closed and need additional support, the scheme has been extended to Se...
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  • Is your Payroll Software Working for you?

    25 February 2021 Payroll teams are constantly challenged with so many processes and regulations to keep track of to keep employees paid each month. Many payroll software options offer the basic necessities to ensure payroll is completed, but most payroll teams need more than just the basics. How can you tell if your...
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  • Why are Business Partners so important?

    22 February 2021 At Payescape our primary focus is to make and keep our software resilient. To be inclusive and always service orientated. It is important to move with the market, move with your customers and enhance your service. Partner relationships are a vital part in planning for the future, as customer needs c...
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  • Must-Have Payroll Features

    18 February 2021 Payroll isn’t getting any easier – with evolving regulations and updates from HMRC, payroll is only getting more complicated. If your team is struggling to maintain compliance, or if you’re still using manual processes or spreadsheets to manage payroll, there’s a better way. ...
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  • Simplify Year-End Reporting

    11 February 2021 Payroll teams have many responsibilities for year-end reporting that can be difficult to manage in addition to regular payroll processing each month. Final payroll reports must be submitted to HMRC on or before your employees last payroll of the year and prepare for the 2021 tax year. How can you si...
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  • Payescape Announces Partner Manager

    8 February 2021 Payescape are delighted to announce the appointment of Steven Jones to the new role of Partner Manager. In the last 10 years Steven has specialised both in the UK and the USA at building and nurturing partnerships with business. Payescape are dedicated to building further a channel of partners tha...
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  • Managing Payroll for Flexible Workers

    4 February 2021 Payroll processing has many challenges – especially when you are managing contractors and flexible workers in the construction industry. Using spreadsheets and email is time-consuming and often leads to manual errors. What if you could easily reduce paperwork, automate your payroll process, an...
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  • Working Remote and GDPR Compliance

    28 January 2021 While employees work from home, most office functions have moved to remote operations. If your job requires the management of secure employee data, this could cause some issues related to GDPR compliance. If you manage payroll or HR admin for employees in the EU, printing secure information from a h...
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  • Could Furlough and Brexit Complicate Year End Reporting?

    21 January 2021 With so many business disruptions in 2020, companies are now facing year end payroll reporting in the next couple months. There are challenges each year making sure you have everything in order for HMRC, but will this year be more complicated? The first consideration will be the new rules due to Br...
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  • Why Integration Should be a Top Priority for 2021

    14 January 2021 Resources have been stretched thin this past year due to the effects of the pandemic. With employees working remotely, technology pushed to the limits, and companies looking to optimise business operations, it’s time to look at simplifying processes and integration. Two of the largest pieces ...
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