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  • Is Your Payroll Provider Ready for GDPR?

    31 January 2018 With GDPR changes going into effect in May, companies all over the world are preparing for procedural and system enhancements to stay compliant. With severe penalties for non-compliance, it is vital to make sure your company is ready – but what about your payroll provider? Are they ready for G...
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  • The Importance of Integration

    24 January 2018 Many companies start out using one or two systems to manage operations, but as a company grows and begins to use more technology, the systems can quickly become overwhelming and unmanageable. Whether you are struggling with different systems and processes, or thinking about adding a new technology t...
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  • Minimum Wage Changes for 2018

    15 January 2018 Minimum Wage and Living Wage Changes for 2018 Beginning 1 April 2018, changes to the National Minimum Wage rates will go into effect. Companies will be required to pay employees over age 25 a minimum of £7.83 per hour, up from £7.50 last year. There are also new minimum wage rates for e...
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  • Gender Pay Gap Reporting

    5 January 2018 Are you ready for the Gender Pay Gap reporting deadline? Gender Pay Gap reporting was enacted in early April 2017 as a way for organisations to begin to identify and improve gender pay gap issues. Employers with 250 or more employees must publish and report specific figures each year related to gap...
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  • Preparing for Annual Payroll Reporting

    19 December 2017 Preparing for Annual Payroll Reporting There are many reports required to complete end of year payroll reporting, so getting started now can help you get ready for the 5 April deadline. Employers must report to HMRC for the previous year, and are required to give employees a P60 form. The final pa...
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  • How will changes to GDPR affect you?

    7 December 2017 How will changes to the General Data Protection Regulations affect you? The new GDPR requirements are the most important changes to data privacy in over 20 years. The goal of the new requirements is to protect all EU citizens from privacy and data breaches, and these sweeping changes are the most s...
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  • What impact will Brexit have on UK payroll?

    20 November 2017 Many employment and payroll changes related to Brexit remain unknown, but in the next 1-2 years, companies will have to adjust how they manage employees in the UK and ensure compliance with potential new regulations. One of the biggest impacts of Brexit for employers will be managing payroll data. ...
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  • Understanding PAYE

    3 November 2017 The method of paying income tax and national insurance contributions that we all know, PAYE (Pay-as-you-earn) was implemented during WWII as a way to collect more tax from more individuals during a period of financial stress for the government. Instead of paying a lump sum each year, PAYE allows em...
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  • 4 Reasons to use an online payroll provider

    20 October 2017 There are many steps (and a large stack of paperwork) required to set up employees for payroll. Penalties for incorrect processing of payroll can be severe, and no one wants a payroll audit from HMRC! Ensuring your payroll is set up and processed correctly is vital to your success. Here are the top ...
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  • Belfast Marathon

    1 June 2016 We had 3 teams in the Belfast Marathon and were able to hand over a cheque for £1000 to the Motor Neurone Disease Association. ...
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