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  • Integrated Payroll and Time Management

    8 July 2021 Payroll and Time and Attendance are key functions within company operations, so it is surprising to learn that most companies don’t have integration between systems. Both payroll and time management use the same employee data, and each one is reliant on the other for accuracy.   Finding ...
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  • Streamline your Payroll Operations

    1 July 2021 Payroll teams have so many responsibilities each month managing payroll that it is difficult to look at ways to simplify the process. There are many ways to make payroll less complicated and more efficient – the challenge is finding what works for your team. Here are a few simple enhancements ...
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  • Finding the Right Payroll Software

    24 June 2021 Employee payroll is one of the biggest operational expenses in a company budget each year and takes countless hours to manage each month. How do you know if your payroll is running as efficiently and accurately as possible? Finding the right software for your business can ensure compliance, reduce m...
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  • Have you Outgrown your Payroll Software?

    17 June 2021 As payroll regulations and requirements become more complicated each year, it is important to review the technology you are using to manage payroll for your employees. Is the technology keeping up with your process and automating updates from HMRC? Can your technology scale as your business grows or...
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  • Overcoming Payroll Challenges

    10 June 2021 Paying employees has become more complicated over the last year. Working from home changed the way companies handled daily business operations and key functions within the organisation. Payroll was one of the most impacted components of daily operations, as the furlough scheme was created and ongoin...
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  • Payroll Complications to Avoid

    3 June 2021 As payroll continues to get more complex, payroll teams are stretched to the limit with new regulations, deadlines, and statutory requirements. With more resources being used to manage payroll, several complications can arise that can cause compliance errors or payroll mistakes. Here are some common...
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  • Job Market Improvement in the UK

    27 May 2021 Worker demand is rising as the job market in the UK continues to improve. The furlough scheme protected more than 11 million jobs during the COVID crisis, but now that non-essential retailers are reopening and restaurants are operating with increased capacity, looking for help is going to be challen...
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  • Time Management and Payroll Loss

    20 May 2021 Time and attendance management for employees has a direct effect on payroll costs, but most companies don’t have a way to track absences efficiently. If you are using manual processes to handle employee absence and leave, lack of visibility into your employee time off may be negatively impacti...
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  • What Every Payroll Team Needs to Know

    13 May 2021 Running payroll is not easy, but with so many changes this year to regulations, it has become even more complicated. Making sure you update payroll with new changes and keep track of new requirements is key to payroll compliance. Here is what your payroll team needs to know to stay ahead. HMRC Upda...
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  • Avoiding Payroll Fraud

    6 May 2021 Payroll regulation changes each year can be a challenging component of managing employee payroll. In the last year, the new furlough scheme and multiple changes during the year have created new complications for payroll teams. One problem that companies can’t ignore is payroll fraud. How can y...
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