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  • How to Easily Manage HR Compliance

    28 June 2018 Human Resources compliance gets more complicated each year. With new employee protection laws and GDPR regulations, managing your employee data is as important today as protecting your customer data. From recruiting and on-boarding, to payroll and performance management, there is so much data colle...
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  • Pitfalls of Hiring New Employees

    21 June 2018 Your business is expanding and you’re ready to hire new employees – sounds great! Many small companies begin hiring employees before they fully understand the laws and regulations for employment, and that can cause headaches (and fines) down the road. Before you begin hiring employees, ...
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  • Common Payroll Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    14 June 2018 While most companies strive to ensure their employees get paid on time, mistakes often happen. If you have ongoing payroll errors that don’t get corrected, you could have a major liability on your hands. Payroll errors often occur when the employees responsible for payroll make mistakes, or i...
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  • What is the best work for Accountants?

    7 June 2018 Accountants are a very important asset to every business. They ensure accurate financial records are kept, taxes filed on time, and perform audits each year to maintain compliance. One of the best ways to elevate your accounting practice is to streamline processes and administrative tasks so you can...
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  • No One Talks about Time Theft

    30 May 2018 When people think of theft in the office, they may consider taking home some paper or pens, or maybe using the copy machine. But theft by employees in the UK accounts for up to 40% of retail inventory loss each year, and other industries see losses each year due to theft. The one business theft that...
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  • Is Your Payroll Provider GDPR-Compliant?

    24 May 2018 After more than 2 years, the changes to the General Data Protection Regulation have finally arrived. Beginning May 25, a range of new data protection and privacy regulations will go into effect and will be enforceable. By now your company has probably sent out consent emails, opt-out and privacy not...
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  • When Integration Goes Wrong

    17 May 2018 Integrating your payroll, accounting, and HRIS systems has many benefits. But what happens when your integration isn’t done properly? Here are common challenges when integration is not done well or not done at all: Data Loss System integration allows the data to pass to multiple systems aut...
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  • Why is Integration Important?

    10 May 2018 When a company is getting started, the first software usually purchased is for accounting and billing purposes. Once the company starts to grow and the number of employees increases, there are usually more software purchases like payroll or time and attendance solutions. As time goes on, these multi...
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  • Maintaining Payroll Compliance

    2 May 2018 Hiring new employees is an important and exciting part of every business, whether you’re growing 1 employee at a time, or hiring a whole team at once. By the time your new hires begin, the HR paperwork and administration has been completed, but have you overlooked payroll compliance? Beyond h...
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  • Calling All Accountants

    25 April 2018 Processing payroll can be a time consuming and bothersome aspect of accounting. If you are searching for ways to become more of an advisor to your clients, and get away from compliance work, here are some simple ways to get started. Technology: One of the easiest ways to reduce your payroll workl...
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